Friday, May 31, 2013


First week is brainstorming week. Aiming to start a business with edgy, funky and urban at the same time. Came up with the idea of bringing up the Unisex fashion trend. This is from my personal experience. Because I do go to Topshop or Zara Womenswear to buy fashion goods for myself. However, I sometime either cant find my size or too small. I always wish such beautiful design can come up with bigger size and no one would question me or stare at me while im purchasing the good.
I want to shop with comfort, a shop that actually think it is not an issue. A Unisex fashion retailer can make people like me feel happy to wear their size.

Then I came up with a lot of ideas, and Off Licence Ltd.  is my final decision. I think the name is out-loud, and getting attention. 
I want people to question at first and get their attention.
At least, they would be curious to find out who Off Licence Ltd. is ...

I started with making a logo with a classy front along with a lot of market research to make sure that it will be a good idea for the market. Researching this task can be really hard, because I do get some feedback saying that they think it is not necessary for a Unisex fashion store. However, I am happy with lots of support too. 

Building up the business plan is not easy, I been seeing some study support and a lot of library books. They helped me a lot and watching a lot of case studies of different fashion business given me a lot of ideas on how to build this whole thing up with confident.

The greatest part during the whole process is the freedom of being creating a new fashion brand that I passion about and this is something I been wanted to do. I am very happy that what I been learning in the past projects, because it helped me to be able to engage with a lot of work done. For example, the branding and marketing report that we did. They are both very important for this major project and I believe that I am very much using the benefit of what I learnt from it and progress my work outcome. 

I only trouble is the financial statement is extremely difficult to do and I wish we had a lot of financial statement exercise as a project for us to at least know what is going on and not find it hard while we doing this major one. The financial part is probably the most confusing and pathetic one part of this project. I do not think I had overcome well enough, but I tried. 

I can see myself doing this business plan in my real life. I am very much looking forward to see if this business plan will happen for real. I believe my business plan has a innovative side and able to attach a massive group of auidence. I hope in my future time of this course, I will be able to learn more how to manage a business. I would love to graduate and start something new and different. Look forward to see how this course can help me and what I can give as well. 

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