Friday, May 31, 2013

Diary WEEK SEVEN 7777777

Here comes to the last week of the Business Plan for Off Licence. Ltd

This is a tough work. We have do to a lot of reading and research in order to make things right.
I spent a lot of time to be more creative and less wordy. The hardest is to make some from 0 to 100. Off Licence Ltd. took me a long time to believe this is a good idea. I finally think this is an amazing idea. This is because Unisex fashion does not exist. I meant an actual one on high street.

I am happy with my process and overcome the difficulties to make the video. But I generally enjoyed the directing experience and able to style my models in Off Licence Ltd. way.

The most difficult is probably financial part and try to generate all details into 3500 words. This is a difficult task but makes me feel like I progress to a different level. I am capable to take more difficult task and be more tough to face different situation.

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