Sunday, April 21, 2013

Diary of WEEK ONE 1

Dear Diary,

This week is brainstorming week. Aiming to start a business with edgy, funky and urban at the same time. Came up with the idea of bringing up the Unisex fashion trend. This is from my personal experience. Because I do go to Topshop or Zara Womenswear to buy fashion goods for myself.

However, I sometime either cant find my size or too small. I always wish such beautiful design can come up with bigger size and no one would question me or stare at me while im purchasing the good.

I want to shop with comfort, a shop that actually think it is not an issue. A Unisex fashion retailer can make people like me feel happy to wear their size.

Unisex is my direction ...

Then I came up with a lot of ideas, and Off Licence Ltd.  is my final decision.

I think this name can direct people to alcohol and cheesy ? I think the name is out-loud, and getting attention. because a clothing brand called Off Licence ? really ? do they also sell alcohol.
I want people to question at first and get their attention.

At least, they would be curious to find out who Off Licence Ltd. is ...

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